Our Hotel enjoys a park of 10,000 sqm and stunning outdoor options for relax, dining and sport. Every element of the guest experience at Alberi del Paradiso has been considered and reviewed to ensure that our guests are welcome in absolute safety and that they fully enjoy their vacation constantly at ease. The wellbeing and health of our guests and team members have always been our highest priority. Aiming at continuing to provide a safe environment and meet the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness, we are adhering to the official anti-Covid 19 protocols: WHO guidelines; annexes of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 17 May 2020; national protocol “Safe Hospitality” drafted by Confindustria Alberghi, Federalberghi and Assohotel; guidelines of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces; regional protocol “SiciliaSiCura”; regional ordinance of 13 June 2020.

In particular:

  • Our team members are receiving ongoing briefings and enhanced operating protocols.
  • Sanitizers are regularly used during cleaning service.
  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning our public areas.
  • We have increased the deployment of hand sanitizers: guest-accessible disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer gel at the entrance and in areas of passage.
  • Housekeeping staff does not enter rooms whilst guests are present.
  • We have reduced paper amenities (e.g. menu, coasters, brochure, etc.) and we will continue to explore and make use of digital technologies.
  • Coronavirus is killed by chlorine and therefore is safe to keep our outdoor swimming pool operational.
  • Dedicated staff ensures adherence to social distancing in and around pool as in all common areas.
  • Sunbeds are spaced apart so as to adhere to social distancing guidance at the swimming pool and seaside areas.
  • Beach and pool towels are solely provided in the room so as to ensure their personal use.
  • Parking must be carried out by the owner of the vehicle, it will be assisted by dedicated staff who will remain outside the vehicle.
  • We will continue to adjust food and beverage service in accordance with current food safety recommendations.
  • Social distancing is respected at all times when food and drink are served.
  • We have equipped our team members with personal protective equipment, available on request also for our guests.
  • We have developed ad hoc protocols for our team members, ensuring both general as well as advanced trainings specific to their functional area.
  • We are prepared to act quickly should we become aware of a case of coronavirus in our property. All our employees are well-trained to identify the symptoms of Covid-19, and have been instructed not to come to work if they are feeling unwell or had contact with anyone who is suspected or confirmed as having Covid-19.
  • Our employees are vaccinated and temperature screened before starting work. If an employee is displaying any symptoms relating to the virus, they will be asked to go home.
  • We will be asking all guests to undergo a temperature-check upon arrival. If a guest is showing a high temperature, or any other symptoms consistent with Covid-19, they will be asked to travel later and will be cared for in a separate designated room until suitable onward care can be arranged.
  • We will advise our guests to register also on the national app Immuni, which aims to notify users of eventual contacts with people who have contracted the virus. Tool of crucial importance to minimize the number of infections and ensure that those affected can receive prompt and suitable medical attention.

Moreover, adhering to the Prime Ministerial Decree of 22 April n. 52, we inform you that during the check-in process it is necessary to show the EU digital covid certificate, or an equivalent international certification, in order to access the indoor services of our hotel. For further information about the measures we have put in place, you can contact us at +39 0921 423 900 or by email booking@alberidelparadiso.it.