Environmental Policy

Always attentive to the needs of its guests and to the respect of the context in which it stands, Alberi del Paradiso Hotel has developed and continues to develop a careful sustainability policy to offer a comfortable and low environmental impact stay.

To do this, the Hotel undertakes daily behaviours aimed at limiting the introduction of waste and chemical products into the environment and avoid the waste of water and energy. This commitment can be summarized as follows:

1. Architecture:

  • Reconfiguration of the architectural layout through the use of shapes, materials and colours of our landscape
  • Requalification of the garden through the use of native essences
  • Use of effective insulation systems for walls, roofs and windows as a defence against solar radiation
  • Use of engineered systems to contain noise and gas emissions in the atmosphere

2. Management of energy and water resources:

  • Photovoltaic system with a prestigious landscape-architectural integration, for the production of 40 Kw of electricity
  • Home automation allows switching off lights and air conditioning when guests are not in the room
  • Presence of energy-saving light bulbs, timers and twilight switches in all the premises
  • Hot water is mostly derived from solar energy through thermal solar panels
  • Presence of energy saving systems in electrical, water, heating and cooling systems
  • Limited water waste due to flow reduction devices

3. Waste management:

  • Generated waste is treated with appropriate differentiation, transport and disposal procedures
  • Use of single-dose packs is minimized in both rooms and restaurants
  • Drinkable water is provided in returnable glass bottles

4. Use of chemicals:

  • Use of chemical products is limited and the quantities are reduced to the minimum in order to ensure compliance with the regulations

5. Local traditions and flavours:

  • Research and recovery of the most traditional regional recipes
  • Enhancement of typical products of Sicily and of the Madonie Park (including three Slow Food selection garrisons) and preference for small local agricultural productions
  • Small domestic production of fruit, vegetables and organic cooking aromas and spices

6. Communication to guests and services offered:

  • Information leaflets on the Hotel Environmental Policy in each room
  • While maintaining the quality standards of a 4-star hotel, the change of sheets and towels takes place according to the spirit of the environmental policy or at the explicit request of the guest
  • Refillable dispensers for liquid soap, shampoo and other body hygiene products in the rooms
  • Possibility for guests to deliver medicines and batteries to the reception for proper disposal
  • To reduce the use of motor vehicles, it is possible to find the information necessary for the use of local public transport on the bulletin board at the reception

In order to continuously monitor and encourage these behaviours and activities, the Hotel applies the following actions:

  1. Adaptation to the Environmental Management System according to the requirements of the EU Ecolabel environmental quality mark specific for tourist services.
  2. Continuous training of its employees.
  3. Priority guaranteed to suppliers of products with EU Ecolabel, those with environmental management system certification and suppliers of typical local products.
  4. Constant monitoring of the energy consumption of the entire structure, with the commitment to keep under control and reduce the impact that the activity generates on the environment, also through its own database useful for evaluating the progress made and identifying possible room for improvement.

Cefalù, 9 February 2021

The Manager