The Hotel Alberi del Paradiso fixes as its primary aim the complete satisfaction of its guests in all the activities it proposes.
To reach this target, it has set up a quality management system designed to promote a constant improvement of its services and to certify them according to the voluntary regulation UNI EN ISO9001/2015 to ensure validity and efficiency, to boost the quality of the services on offer and to satisfy its guests. This also brings into line the management’s quality programme, the quality provided by the various departments and the quality perceived by the clients.
With this quality policy document, the management of the Hotel declares its commitment to:

  • Identify and control the implicit and explicit needs of the clients to ensure full satisfaction;
  • Guarantee constant quality in the services provided to its clients;
  • Acquire goods and services in line with its quality standards;
  • Manage the processes respecting its planned requirements and objectives;
  • Activate communication strategies, both internally and externally to organise an efficient information flow between the staff members, the staff and the clients to make sure that the latter’s needs are known and understood by all those involved in supplying the service;
  • Improve operations and the organisation of the firm to consolidate relationships with the clients;
  • Improve communications and current commercial proposals through marketing and specific advertising policies;
  • Keep up security and comfort in the working environment and ensure adequate measures for the prevention of accidents;
  • Maintain an active system of auto control of environmental hygiene using the analytical method HACCP, to analyse risks and control critical points;
  • Constantly evaluate possible technological evolutions and processes for continuous improvement for the organisation;
  • Implement a system of quality management which involves all the levels of the firm, to obtain a systematic standardisation of the correct processes to optimize the skills of the organisation;
  • Implement systems of hygiene and security in the products which involve all the aspects of the firm including operative procedures which are compatible with the policy that all the staff applies;
  • Improve the validity of the firm’s system of management by controlling performance on the basis of specific indicators;
  • Ensure a good working environment by favouring collaboration and professional growth for each worker and adopting all possible measures to guarantee hygiene and safety;
  • Make all the personnel a part of the firm’s objectives which are focused on quality, food safety, the environment, hygiene and safety at work, increasing knowledge, involvement and awareness so that these objectives can be transferred by the staff to their own activities;
  • Manage eventual malfunction as a useful source of information to implement improvements and give an occasion to show clients every possible attention;
  • Carry out controls during each service;
  • Continue to guarantee constant improvement.

In line with these strategic objectives, it is of fundamental importance to prepare the staff adequately in their prescribed roles, augmenting the level of awareness and preparation so that they contribute to the correct management of Quality.
At the same time, dialogue and debate to increase participation and involvement with the guests are favoured to promote continuous improvement beginning with this document for Quality policy.

The management of Hotel Alberi del Paradiso defines in the matrix MOD OQA “Obiettivi qualità e andamento” (quality objectives and trends), the objectives and the measurable commitments to ascertain the pursuit of the Quality Policy and will spread this policy to the entire organisation (on noticeboards, in staff reunions) to make sure it is fully understood.

The management will maintain the system and continually improve it using periodic re-examination to identify the suitability of the quality policy to reach targets and establish new ones.

Cefalù, May 16th 2023 The Manager