The first water mills were built in the XVIII century on the edge of a stream overlooking the gulf of Cefalù, among lush orange, olive and carob trees. In this charming and evocative natural setting, in 1967 Mr. Schubert decided to realize the first touristic settlement: the historic Club Paradiso. The garden was, already in those years, filled with a plant typical of the northern Sicilian coast, the Ailanthus, better known as “Albero del Paradiso”, from which the hotel will take its name under the property of our family. Subsequent interventions in 1983 and 2005 will then lead to the current configuration of the structure and the completion of the garden with palm trees, oleanders and other native species.


Sicilian hospitality and elegant design are to be found in every area of the Hotel. They are all bright, intimate and with exclusive details. They were styled with meticulous care by S. & A.M. Associated Architects.


«Wandering, thus I found myself at the prelude, at the epiphany, at the shining, magnificent door that would let imagination fly to Palermo or Cordoba, Grenade, Byzantium or Baghdad. I found myself in Cefalù… It was, in the clear April or, maybe, September sunsets, a golden silhouette of a head, that fortress above the sea.»

Vincenzo Consolo